GarbleCloud requires a passphrase to be set to conduct operations on any encrypted files. Each time you share, open, or download an encrypted file, your GarbleCloud Passphrase is required. Your GarbleCloud passphrase is for YOU ONLY, do not share it with anyone. Make sure that your password is unique and something you are unlikely to forget. 

Note: You may reset your GarbleCloud Passphrase later, click here for more details.

Setting Your Passphrase on First Login

When you log into GarbleCloud the first time you will be asked to set up your GarbleCloud passphrase.

Note: GarbleCloud does not remember or retrieve your passphrase for you.


A small red action notification on the top right of your account will appear until you set a passphrase for your account.

Set your passphrase and your recovery questions in the screen below. Be sure to pick questions that you would easily know the answer to.


Once you have set your passphrase and recovery questions, you are able to start accessing your encrypted files and shared encrypted files!