We are revolutionizing collaboration on encrypted data at scale.

GarbleCloud has developed a novel suite of data-centric security and privacy-enhancing techniques that enables such a security framework to be established and provides several value-added features that enhance user productivity and platform interoperability.


Making Google Workspace (and other modern Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools) Secure and Private.

Data Encryption for Google Workspace, Slack, and Dropbox

GarbleCloud’s encrypted upload of sensitive files and simple right-click encryption of files already in your drive pair perfectly with the ability to control sharing of encrypted files gives you total control over your Cloud Workspace. Easy yet powerful encryption of files allows everyone from the Admins to the End Users to take part in organizational security. With an individual unique passphrase, GarbleCloud allows individuals access to encrypted files and folders with ease.

Key Features



Searching encrypted files is one of the first immediate challenges when your entire Cloud Workspace is encrypted. With thousands of internal documents, it is impossible to decrypt each individual document to find what you are looking for. GarbleCloud’s Encrypted Search feature allows each user to search through encrypted files as painlessly as possible. With our encrypted search, we are able to:

  • Search both the file name like normal
  • Search within the entire body of the document
  • Search across multiple Cloud accounts if more than one is connected

This functionality allows you to search for important information that might be stored within documents rather than in the title of them. Information like specific names, Social Security Numbers, EINs, along with many others are easily accessed in the exact same way search works for regular documents.




Robust sharing controls allow for an extra layer of security that prevents unauthorized distribution and editing of important files. With internal information management becoming more important than ever, having powerful sharing capabilities allows an entire organization to stay current and nimble. Some of the sharing features include:

  • The end user's ability to Prevent Further Sharing and Prevent Updating of shared files with the press of a button.
  • Along with this ability, access can be revoked at any time so the shared users no longer have access to the files.
  • Version control management

With future updates to the Encrypted File Sharing feature in GarbleCloud, the admin will have more control over what the shared user can do with each document.


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Bulk Encryption

One of the major problems with setting up Cloud Encryption for large organizations is that there are usually thousands and thousands of files that are already stored there. Going back in and encrypting everything one by one is an impossible task, but GarbleCloud’s Bulk Encryption feature allows:

  • Admins to create Rules for Bulk Encryption, based on either contents of the file names or contents within the body of documents.
  • Encrypt up to 10,000 files per run.
  • Select age of documents being encrypted, whether that be files older than a specific day or all files in the Cloud Workspace.
  • Run Bulk Encryption once every 24 hours automatically or in an instant depending on your organization’s needs.

Bulk Encryption gives the Workspace Admins an extra layer of assurance that any new files brought into the ecosystem will be encrypted automatically at the end of the day, if not already encrypted by the end user or by an active Security Policy. In the future, GarbleCloud will feature additional Document Classification support giving the Workspace Admin more powerful and expressive policies for file selection in Bulk Encryption.