Onboarding users to the GarbleCloud platform for your organization needs to be thoroughly thought out before executing. There are many things to consider before rolling out the GarbleCloud platform to your workforce. Some of these things include, amount of users to roll out, how to handle files, which departments will need what permissions, and organization-wide education on how to use the platform. The customer success team recommends rolling out the platform in 1 of the 3 ways outlines below.

Potential User Adoption Plans

Option 1 - Least Friction + Slowest Implementation

Admins will bulk encrypt files older than a set number of days to get staff used to using the application. This paired with educating your users how to use the platform, the importance of security, and the plan to migrate everything over in the future. This would mean any files that your organization is currently working on will remain unencrypted files but after a certain amount of days (For example: 30 days or older) they will automatically be encrypted. This allows users, who have to use older documents, to get a taste of what it is they will have to be doing with the GarbleCloud platform.

Option 2 - Moderate Friction + Normal Paced Implementation

Admins will bulk encrypt files depending on file type or department. For example, anything that involves accounting or human resources will be encrypted and that department will be the first one to use the platform. This will slowly force other departments to start using the platform more and more, resulting in entire organization adoption. This paired with organization-wide education on the platform, the importance of security, and the plan to migrate everything over in the future will result in a quicker integration. Going department by department is the recommended way the GarbleCloud Customer Success team recommends rolling out GarbleCloud to your organization.

Option 3 - Most Friction + Fastest Implementation

Admins will bulk encrypt every file within the organization and force the users to learn the application immediately. This should be done after educating the users on the platform, the importance of security, and the plan to migrate everything over at once. This abrupt migration paired with ongoing support will get your organization secure the quickest but does come with the downside of employee learning curve. For non-technical users there might be a slight lag time in learning, no more than a day, that will slow down workflow for a short period of time. In the special case of this adoption method, GarbleCloud's success team will constantly on standby to help mitigate any issues you may have.

Education Packages

GarbleCloud offers an extensive education package for your users to understand how and why the application works as it does. With this package constantly being updated, users will have current, up-to-date information on the GarbleCloud platform. For education and training on the GarbleCloud platforms, please contact our Support team in the Knowledge Base.