In the GarbleCloud application, encrypting existing information within an organization is very easy to manage using Bulk Encryption Policies. Bulk Encryption Policies allow you to encrypt existing files in Google Workspace based on specified parameters set in the Admin Panel. Bulk Encryptions normally run every 24 hours and at will with the click of a button.

Note: Bulk Encryption Policies are limited to 10,000 files per function.

How to Add a Bulk Encryption Policy

To create bulk encryption policies navigate to the BULK ENCRYPTION tab in the Admin Panel.

To add a policy, select the RULES dropdown menu to set up the rule guidelines. Next you will need to select CREATE RULE to start customizing a new rule.

In the pop-up menu, you will be able to set constraints for the Bulk Encryption Policy. Some of the options you have are:

  • Encrypting files older than X date
  • Encrypting files with a specific name or word in the title
  • Encrypting files with certain text in the body of the file

Tip: To add multiple words or phrases separate each one with a capital OR. For example: "Confidential OR Secret OR Important"

Once you have determined which constraints you want for your Bulk Encryption Policy, click the ENABLE RULE checkbox, then click SUBMIT.

Once you have submitted the BULK ENCRYPTION RULE, you will be able to see your rule in the RULES tab. You Bulk Encryption Policy will now run every 24 hours or you can click EXECUTE NOW to run the Bulk Encryption.

Note: Make sure the checkbox for ENABLE JOB in the SETTINGS tab is checked so you can run Bulk Encryptions. This is checked by default.

To see a detailed JOB HISTORY of Bulk Encryptions for your organization, select the JOB HISTORY tab near the bottom.