Bulk Encryption policies are an important part of the functions of an organization that is on the GarbleCloud platform. There are many ways to implement these policies to ensure your files and documents are secure. Bulk Encryption policies run every 24 hours at the end of the work day or on command by an Admin of the organization.

Bulk Encryption Policy Practices

Bulk Encryption policies can be set in the same fashion as a search you would perform on your drive. The parameters you may set for these policies must be within the title and body of the file. Specific files with important titles can be targeted and encrypted. Files such as resumes and tax information can be targeted by searching for specific information within the files themselves. For example, you can target anything with the title IMPORTANT or SENSITIVE or anything with SSN or EIN in the body. Some examples of these policies using the USER ADOPTION PRACTICES are shown below.

Note: Bulk Encryption rules below do not include words in the body of the files. Additional parameters that are in the body of the text can be added to increase the size of the Bulk Encryption action.

Example 1 - Encrypts any files that are older than 30 days.

Example 2 - Encrypts files specific to accounting departments.

Example 3 - Encrypts everything in the organization.

Adding, Deleting, and Editing Bulk Encryption Policies

To learn how to Add a Bulk Encryption Policy you may do so here.

To learn how to Delete a Bulk Encryption Policy you may do so here.

To learn how to Edit a Bulk Encryption Policy you may do so here.