The GarbleCloud admin panel offers many features to manage your organization's workspace. The USERS Tab allows you to see who is currently in your organization and utilizing GarbleCloud. In the user tab, you have the ability to remove users from your organization and can filter to look for specific individuals.

Navigating to the Users Tab

To get to the USERS tab, first click on the user account profile in the top right corner. Next select the option to go to the ADMIN DASHBOARD.

Next select the USERS tab and view your list of users and functions to perform on users in your organization. 

Note: Admin Users can not be deleted. So remove an admin user, you must remove their admin access in the Google Admin console before you remove them from your GarbleCloud organization.

To delete a user in the USERS tab, first select the user you wish to delete next select the icon in the top right as shown below to delete them.