There are a few ways to invite users to your organization within the GarbleCloud Admin Panel. One way that you can invite users is by inviting them in mass through the SUGGESTED USERS tab. Here you will be able to select all users on your domain to invite to your GarbleCloud organization or select a small user set to invite.

Note: If you want to invite individual users you may do so using the SEND INVITATIONS button in the top right below the account icon. To learn more click here.

Navigating to the Suggested Users Tab

The SUGGESTED USERS tab consists of all the users which are part of you Google Workspace organization who are not in your GarbleCloud organization. You may invite each user by checking the box on the left and clicking the arrow in the top right to send the invitations.

Select the CHECKBOX at the beginning of the suggested users list for each individual you want to invite.

Additionally, you can select the top CHECKBOX to select all users.

Select TAKE ACTION button in the upper right corner next to notifications button to invite the selected users to be a part of you GarbleCloud organization.