Encrypted File Storage, Sharing and Search for a Highly Regulated Industry

The Situation

Many Telecom Company clients are in highly regulated industries with stringent requirements for data confidentiality. This client already uses Virtru for Gmail email encryption. Yet they struggled to keep other Google Drive files and docs secured (despite Virtru's claims of supporting email and file encryption). The telecom giant wants the ability to enforce file and document encryption of all Google Drive files and docs.

They also collect sensitive IoT data from clients daily, which is delivered in a shared document format. The confidentiality of these raw files is crucial and end-to-end encrypted workflow is highly desirable. The company had no prior solution or a broader long-term security of their Google Drive files.

The Solution


GarbleCloud offers the ease of bulk encryption, integration with DLP, and encrypted search capabilities which solves the company’s needs. The ability to easily integrate file encryption into existing workflows was an added benefit. Coupled with the new Client Side Encryption capabilities to encrypt any Google Doc, the company is eager to move forward with our solution.

The Results

Increased compliance, confidentiality, security and saved time - encrypting and sharing sensitive documents with clients has become a simple process. 

Creating secure folders and encrypting historic files using bulk encryption capability has resulted in “way more secure” Google Drive data without compromising usability.