Legal and Finance Departments Had Security Concerns Migrating Sensitive Documents to the Cloud

The Situation

Needed a way to move all document management to Google Workspace and Google Cloud from Microsoft 365 while addressing the legal and finance departments privacy and security concerns.

The Solution  


The GarbleCloud platform enabled the finance and legal teams to migrate all documents and files into Google Drive in a “pre-encrypted form” with the bulk encryption feature. Our platform  gives admins and business owners control to encrypt any other sensitive documents. The client was blown away at the encrypted search, information rights management capabilities, and the real-time collaboration using encrypted Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides using the new ‘Client-Side Encryption’ framework.

The Results

They now can leverage the speed and flexibility of Google Workspace and Cloud in their workflows. 

  • Finance team meets compliance requirements. 
  • IT eliminates need to support pockets of legacy systems and services. 
  • Costs are dramatically reduced.