Data Protection of Sensitive Files with Google Workspace + GarbleCloud

Pain Point

This company moved to Google Workspace a year ago from Microsoft 365. Their IT department wants to move all on-premise storage to the cloud, including documents and file storage. But, the finance and legal departments are holding back. They are continuing to use Microsoft 365 and on-premise legacy file server/storage solutions because of privacy (loss of confidentiality) concerns.

IT wants to give finance and legal teams the peace of mind that their data will be protected in the cloud and Google Workspace.

The Solution

Case Study 1 A Small RealtorLending Company

GarbleCloud can help, by letting the finance and legal departments transfer all on-premise documents and files (also migrate from Microsoft 365) into Google Drive in pre-encrypted form. They get control of encrypting sensitive data and ensuring that Google does not have visibility into their sensitive files and docs.

The Results

Finance team can meet their compliance requirements.

IT eliminates the need to support pockets of users on legacy systems and services and move to a new cloud platform of choice such as Google Workspace and GarbleCloud Platform.

Reduced overhead expenses so they are able to completely eliminate reliance on more expensive legacy solutions.