Organizations that desire the same level of compliance, security, and privacy on Google Workspace as they had in previous tech stacks. There are many applications of our technology, from small businesses to global leaders of industry. 

Typical Use Cases

Corporations with Multiple Departments, Healthcare, Legal, Tech, Financial, Product, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, etc. Our solution is also meant to meet rigorous government compliance requirements from local to federal national security needs. 

  • Federal Government that desires to use Google Collaboration tools with internal and external users. Stay compliant with FIPS-140, FISMA, HIPAA, CJIS, ITAR, and others.
  • Healthcare - Sharing patient data in HIPAA compliant manner with outside experts.
  • Legal - Corporate counsels share regulatory & quarterly financial data amongst the legal team and CXOs. High-profile IP Litigation firms share sensitive documents with outside experts for review. We help you meet compliance with CJIS, TILA-RESPA, HIPAA, GBLA, CMMC, and more.
  • High-Tech, IP Biotech - Securing Phase-I, II, III test results data, FDA filings. High-tech -- sharing code, designs, and patent applications between distributed team members
  • Finance and Accounting - Secure sharing & delivery of tax returns and financial documents to clients. Meet the Data Security Regulations with PCI DSS, GLBA (The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and FINRA and SEC regulations
  • Home Mortgage/Real Estate/Insurance - Securely sharing documents for loan approvals, title insurance, and health insurance maintains privacy and compliance with PCI, CFPA, CCPA and other regulations.