How Encrypted Google Files Work

Google's Client-Side Encryption allows users to collaborate on any Google drive file in a secure manor. The method for doing this involves an advanced updating system with multiple users on the same document or file where real time collaboration is limited but updates can be sent to each editor. Features for Google Docs/Sheets/Slides are limited in Client-Side Encryption. Some of these limitations include:

  • Inability to perform Spelling and Grammar check in Google Docs Editors.
  • Inability to have multiple collaborators editing at the same time.
  • Inability to perform Full-text search and file preview.
  • Inability to Comment.
  • Inability to Encrypt and Decrypt files offline.

Creating an encrypted Google Docs/Sheets/Slides is simple, you can create one the exact same way as a normal one. Encrypted Google files can be shared exactly the same as normal Google Files, with the same permission controls provided by the GarbleCloud CSE platform.

Securing the vast quantity of information your Google Drive could hold has proven to be quite the challenge. Google's Client-Side Encryption allows users to encrypt Calendar Events in an effort to protect any and all important data within a users Google Drive. Encrypted Calendar Events encrypt the Google Meet Link as well as the description and attachments of the event. With Client-Side Encryption encrypting any information stored in the Google Drive, these Calendar items are important pieces to keep encrypted for users in organizations of all sizes. 

Note: To read more in depth information on Google's Client-Side Encryption, you may do so here.