GarbleCloud CSE enables encrypted sharing with users outside of your domain by setting permissions for Users and Domains. This gives you supreme control over access to documents and files that are being shared externally. GarbleCloud CSE allows you to share encrypted files with anyone by giving the ability to revoke access and protect themselves from any outside domain.

How to Set Up Permissions

Setting up permissions for both Domains and Users is extremely simple in the Permissions tab. You may select the ADD NEW button in the top right to create a share permission for an outside user or domain.

To suspend a user or domain, select the CHECK MARK button which will suspend an account.

To reactivate a user or domain, select the UNLOCKED LOCK button to reactivate a user.

To edit a user or domain, select the PEN button to edit the permission for a user or domain.

To delete a permission, click the TRASH button and confirming that you want to delete that permission.