Google's Client-Side Encryption is a framework for Enterprise Users to keep their organization's encryption keys within their organization, in addition to any security that Google Workspace already provides. Encryption handling is done in the client's browser and not on Google servers. This process is done before any data is transmitted or stored in the Google Cloud to ensure Google itself does not have access to your encryption keys and can not decrypt your data. Client-Side encryption functionality is enabled for users internally and encompass sharing with external users as well. 

To ensure full trust in Google's Client-Side Encryption system, Google has allowed certain organizations, like GarbleCloud, to enable this framework for users globally. GarbleCloud is the premier Client-Side Encryption enabler for Google, with robust features for sharing and permissions management, as well as audit functions and controls for larger organizations. GarbleCloud ensures that all data in transit and at rest is encrypted with the latest cryptographic standard of encryption. GarbleCloud gives organization administrators direct control over their keys and identity provider used to access those keys. These controls guarantee the confidentiality of your sensitive or regulated data. Some of the reasons your organization might need GarbleCloud CSE would be:

  • Data Privacy.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Protection against Ransomware.
  • Protection against Data Exfiltration.

With constantly updating functionality, GarbleCloud CSE is the premier enabler for Google's Client-Side Encryption and is their trusted source to protect your organizations data.

Note: To read more about Google's Client-Side Encryption, you may do so here.