GarbleCloud supports multiple Cloud Accounts within the application, up to 1 main Google Drive account and 3 Dropbox accounts. In the rare event that you would need to delete a Dropbox account added to GarbleCloud, you will be required to login to the parent service provider’s dashboard and de-link GarbleCloud as a third-party application from the relevant section under SETTINGS or PERMISSIONS. GarbleCloud does not allow deletion of any third party cloud account from its environment. 

Note: Unlinking or disconnecting a Google Drive account, for example, will need to be done from Google Drive Settings.

How to Disconnect a Dropbox Account

Unlinking or disconnecting a Cloud Account can also be done from the menu under the SETTINGS icon on the far right of the top navigation bar.

You may click the small X on the Cloud Account you would like to disconnect as shown in the example below.

Note: By disconnecting from the MANAGE APPS section of Google Drive or Dropbox, your data will not be deleted from GarbleCloud servers.

You can easily reconnect a Cloud Account when logging in again. The application will ask for the information next time you log in.