Security policies are an important feature within the GarbleCloud application. Security policies control the sharing and editing capabilities of certain files that are encrypted into the organization's ecosystem. Being able to control whether a document is allowed to be updated or shared at mass is very important. This function paired with Bulk Encryption policies allows organizations to structure their data at mass.

Security Policy Practices

Security policies can be set in the same fashion as a search you would perform on your drive while assigning the same functions as the Advanced Share Settings for encrypted files and folders. Additionally, you can specify which file type you want to target with these policies to ensure the correct files have their permissions updated. Files such as resumes and tax information can be targeted by searching for specific information within the files themselves. For example, you can target anything with the title IMPORTANT or SENSITIVE or anything with SSN or EIN in the body. Some examples of policies are shown below.

Example 1 - Gives all encrypted pdf's uploaded to Google Drive the Prevent Update and Prevent Sharing tag.

Example 2 - Filters out DOC files with the content "top secret" in it.

Adding, Deleting, and Editing Security Policies

To learn how to Add a Security Policy you may do so here.

To learn how to Delete a Security Policy you may do so here.

To learn how to Edit a Security Policy you may do so here.