Since GarbleCloud can be synced to more than one Could Drive, you are able to move regular folders within Cloud accounts. This function works individually for both Google Drive and Dropbox but does not work across Clouds. It is possible to go from one Google Drive account to another and to go from one Dropbox account to another.

Note: GarbleCloud does not allow you to move any Secure Folder. You are only able to move normal Folders

Moving a Folder across Cloud Accounts

In the GarbleCloud application, select the folder you wish to move then click on the MOVE icon in the top right menu as shown in the image below. This will open a sidebar to the right of your screen, which will list your Cloud Accounts linked to GarbleCloud.

Warning: You are not able to move folders across different Cloud Accounts. For example you can not go from Google → Dropbox or Dropbox → Google.

You can simply drag and drop your folder to the Cloud Account of your choosing.

Moving a Folder within a Cloud Account

Moving Folders across the Cloud Account you are currently in is extremely simple. In the GarbleCloud application, right-click on the selected folder and choose the MOVE option.

In the pop-up that appears, select or navigate to the destination folder and click the MOVE HERE button.

Note: You will need to enter your GarbleCloud Passphrase to move folders. Folders may contain encrypted files that require the use of your Passphrase to move.