The GarbleCloud application has many options for uploading and working with both Normal Files and Secure Files. The one-click upload feature allows you to bring files into your Google Drive and GarbleCloud interface with ease, so you are able to perform more advanced functions on them. On top of the easy upload of normal files, GarbleCloud also has the ability to upload and encrypt files at the same time. This allows you to ensure that all files in the Google Drive and GarbleCloud ecosystems are secure once they are inside.

How to Upload a Secure File

Click on the UPLOAD ENCRYPTED FILES icon in the right corner of the top menu bar, as shown in the screenshot below.

A dropdown menu will appear allowing you to select whether you want the encrypted file to be SEARCHABLE or NON SEARCHABLE.

Note: Encrypted files will not show up in a normal search from the search bar. GarbleCloud's Encrypted Search allows you to search among the Searchable Encrypted Files. Uploading files as Non Searchable will not let you search with either method.

Select a file from your device, in the dialog box that appears, then click OPEN. Your file will be uploaded into GarbleCloud.


Once you have uploaded the selected file, it will show up on your dashboard as "filename.filetype.enc" and is indicated by the lock icon as shown in the example below.