With document encryption, GarbleCloud offers a number of advanced file sharing settings that help give the user more control over the flow of information. Some of these settings include Preventing Updating to File, Preventing Further Sharing of File, and Revoking File Access after a set amount of time. These controls give the file sender or Workspace administrators extra control over how the shared parties use the files.

Advanced Sharing Settings Walkthrough

The Advanced Sharing option can be accessed by right clicking on any file that is currently shared with someone and selecting the share option again. The Advanced Settings menu will appear on the bottom of the pop-up window for currently shared files.


You may click on ADVANCED SETTINGS to check details if you are the owner of the file.

Some of the options you have within this menu are:

  • Prevent Further Sharing
  • Prevent Further Updating
  • Update Share Settings
  • Revoke Access to File
  • Add Access Expiration

For the Prevent Sharing and Prevent Updating settings, you have 3 choices to choose from: DEFAULT, TRUE, and FALSE.

  • DEFAULT - No explicit restriction is placed on the encrypted file, but the restrictions placed on it by the folder it is in or from a security policy will still be in effect.
  • TRUE - Setting is in effect for the shared party.
  • FALSE - Setting is not in effect for the shared party.

Note: For more information on Security Policies and how they effect files click here.

You can select from each of the above options and the settings will update for the shared party.

To revoke access to the shared party, simply click the small X next to the names whom you wish to revoke access to.

To add an expiration to a file or document you may select the + button to automatically revoke the selected file in two weeks time. This can be changed by selecting the PEN button and changing the date and time of the revocation.