GarbleCloud connects directly to your Google Drive. While Google performs it's normal functions on your files and folders, GarbleCloud performs the same functions but to your encrypted files and encrypted folders. The access GarbleCloud requires from your Google Drive account allows the application to perform these functions seamlessly.

Getting Started

To get started with GarbleCloud, you must sign into your Google account through the application interface. To do so, click the Sign in with Google button that appears on the Registration page. 


After you sign in with your Google account, you are prompted to sync with your associated Google Drive account. 

Once synced, the below image shows what your Google Drive account should look like within the GarbleCloud application.


You can now use your linked Google Drive account as your default cloud account.

Note: If you want to add Dropbox as a cloud account to your GarbleCloud application, you can walk through the steps to do so here.